Binomo Announces BinoTour - A Contest to Win Apple Devices or a Trip of Your Dream!

Binoptionen Writer - Cody Walls
Cody Walls

BinoTour is a competition Binomo has designed and launched for online forex trading experts looking to win the real deal with a $16,000 prize pool for traders who joined Binomo in August. 

With their latest promotional offer, BinomotoGP, being a hit in India, Brazil, and Turkey, Binomo has decided to hear the calling of traders around the globe and launch another profitable competition. Simply make sure your daily trade value crosses the required limit, and you can start bagging tickets.

Considering BinoTour is open to participation from August 15 to August 31, you have 17 days to trade and 17 tickets to bag. Your job is to guarantee that your daily trade value reaches a specific amount or more, irrespective of your profit and losses. Each day you achieve a trading value of 11500 ₹ / 147 $ / 144 €, you get one BinoTicket.

Provided you reach the daily trade amount as mentioned above, also known as the trading height in Binomo’s lingo, you’ve successfully pocketed a ticket. You can even track your progress through the notifications panel and see where you stand.

Online traders now have a golden opportunity to test their fortune and win sensational prizes in the form of Apple products, flight tickets to their dream destination, giveaways, and other monetary rewards.

The prize distribution decisions are split into 3 phases. Each phase allocates prizes based on the tickets acquired in a particular time slot. You can read more below.

Who can Participate in BinoTour?

Users who joined Binomo in August are eligible to participate in BinoTour.

If you want to register for all the three phases of BinoTour and become a candidate for all the prizes, it’s time to get your boarding pass.

Once you get your BinoTour boarding pass, you’ve automatically been checked in for all three trading flights.

You can even register for individual phases and compete with a smaller competitor list, meaning you’d have to win fewer tickets to take home prizes.

For New Binomo users: For all you online forex trading aspirants who are hesitating to start their journey with Binomo, today’s the day you take the leap of faith. All you have to do is sign up on Binomo. You can even trade on Binomo mobile app, which is an excellent choice for Android and iOS devices.

Note: Trading Involves risk of losing money if your trade goes wrong. So trade wisely.

What better than starting your trading journey with BinoTour and standing a chance to win Apple products, a trip to your preferred destination, or financial rewards?

What Prizes Can You Win in BinoTour?

binotour prizes binomo

The total prize pool at BinoTour is $16,000. Winning multiple BinoTickets and participating in the mega raffle gives you an equal chance to win prizes since the randomised winner-picking system cannot be partial – unless you have fewer tickets than competitors.

Here is a breakdown of the time period and prizes included in each of the three trading flights mentioned below:

Trading Flight 1

Trading flight 1 lasts for 7 days for all tickets accumulated from August 15 to August 21.

The mega raffle occurs between August 22 and August 24.

Prizes: 3 iPhone 13 mobile phones

Trading Flight 2

Trading flight 2 lasts for 7 days for all tickets accumulated from August 22 to August 28.

The mega raffle occurs between August 29 to August 31.

Prizes: 2 MacBook Pro 13” laptops

Trading Flight 3

Trading flight 3 lasts for 17 days, for the entirety of the tournament, from August 15 to August 31.

The mega raffle occurs between September 1 to September 3.

Prizes: Trip of your dreams, worth 9000 $

Note: Trading flight 3 considers all tickets collected during the BinoTour event.

Traders from across the globe can participate in Binomo’s event. The rules are simple, offering an equal chance of victory for all participants. Even better, all raffles will have live video streaming, allowing BinoTour candidates to track the results.

Binomo’s reputation has once again stood steadfast to its goal of providing multiple high-income opportunities to its customers around the globe.